Participate by downloading datasets and submitting your computed assembly, binning or profiling.



    CAMI 2 Challenge Accession to Taxid Mapping

    CAMI 2 Challenge Blast nr

    CAMI 2 Challenge Blast nt

    CAMI 2 Challenge NCBI Taxonomy

    NCBI Refseq and Taxonomy Database as of 2015/06/22

    This tar-ball is a copy of the NCBI Refseq and Taxonomy Database as of 2015/06/22. This database should be used as a basis for reference based binning and profiling tools for the CAMI challenge datasets.

    Taxonomy database

    Taxonomy database as of 2015/06/22 to be used for CAMI challenge datasets

    Taxonomy database CAMI 2 Toy

    Taxonomy database as of 2018/02/26 to be used for CAMI 2 toy challenge datasets.

    Taxonomy database for camiClient

    Taxonomy database to be used for cami upload client